Lic. Ronny Peña, was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on July 23, 1982. Faithful follower of Jesus Christ, Publicist with more than 15 years of experience and graduated lawyer Cum Laude at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD). He’s specialized in Immigration Laws of the United States, has taken courses and workshops on immigration laws of Canada, the European Union, United Kingdom, Latin America and  Dominican Republic.

Creator of web page, which, thanks to the great acceptance of the people in the immigration subjects, arose the necessity to found the immigration lawyers firm ConsularVisa. His great commitment and determination to do different things, based on truth and honesty, led him to create and produce the radio station program “ConsularVisa en la Radio” that airs every Saturday at 10:00 am on Pura Vida Christian radio station 92.9 FM. He’s a collaborator in several radio station programs, such as “Bumper a Bumper” in Pura Vida 92.9 FM and “Actualizando y algo más” with Sarah Pepen and Affe Gutiérrez for Neon 89.3 FM.
He has done other courses such as Labor Law, Civil Procedure, Real Estate Law, Law and Social Networks, Humanitarian Law, Immigration Law for Investments abroad and Constitutional Law.